Get Your Read On

  Oh, Sunday Night ….. 😦 We hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful weekend and amazing sunny weather! It was a great time to spend outdoors doing activities, walks, or even catching some of those rays! We would like to end this weekend off with some appreciation for those who appreciate us! It’s always nice to … More Get Your Read On

Track Your Progress

How many calories did I burn?  How many steps did I walk?  What was my heart rate during that workout?  These are questions we all want answers to and to get your answers we suggest investing in a fitness tracker.  There are so many options on the market from Nike, to Apple, to FitBit and even … More Track Your Progress

Work Hard, Play Hard

This is our motto all day, everyday, but it’s now more than ever because in NINE days we’re off to Costa Rica! (WOOOHOOOOO)  We’re sorry if we’ve been slacking with our updates, but life has been crazy lately with classes, events, preparing, prepping and everything in between.  Today we’re reminding you that even though sometimes … More Work Hard, Play Hard

Tone It Up At Work

Okay, so this weather is lame, but you know Spring is going to just roll thru over night. Soon, our oversized tops, loose sweaters and pants will be put to storage and our tanks, shorts and crop tops will be full blown (a.k.a. GET IT TOGETHER GIRLS!!) Basically, what we’re saying is no more excuses!! … More Tone It Up At Work

Support Your Girls

LOL get it?! Today we’re talking about some of our favorite sports bras to wear when working out.  Now depending on what we’re doing that day, we need different support while rowing, spinning, weight training or hitting up the barre.  Check out our top picks below and then shop away and grab your favorite color! 1) … More Support Your Girls