Double Tap

How many followers do you have? Did they like my pic? What filter is that? Instagram is the everyday craze and sometimes we can’t help but get lost in it ourselves.  Just like Pinterest, Instagram is another platform for us to connect to our audience and show everyone what we like, but on a smaller scale (in terms of how pictures we post).  Each week we like to post motivational quotes, food we make, clothes we dig, and of course our weekly BarreBee poses 1fc7c639448f530de7b421500536c507.png. We love seeing what other brands are creating, what influential fitness chicks are adding to their workouts and even what our fans are doing to optimize their fitness routine!  Below are some of our most recent posts and to see them all make sure to follow us here –> @BarreBees.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.26.17 AM

While you’re on Instagram if you see a recipe we might like, clothes we NEED to get, or an awesome pose we should try out give us a tag, @barrebees, and we’ll be sure to send the love back .  Until then double tap away!





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