Musical Mondays

We love music! We live, breathe and surround ourselves in it. Music is everything. It has such an impact on our lives, our jobs, and everything surrounding us. Every song has a meaning or a memory of a place and time behind it. Music is also meant for a kick a$$ workout. So in better terms…..Mondays are for popping those ear buds in and getting sweaty to some great sounds.images.jpgAs instructors, gym rats and just the musically inclined humans that we are, we’re continuously searching and downloading for new beats. We are here to spread the music love and share some hot hits with you.

Peep below for our newest downloads:

  1. Alive by Sia (Cahill Mix)
  2. Hula Hoop by Omi (Mark Ianni Mix)
  3. One Dance by Drake (ft. WizKid & Kyla)
  4. Sunset Jesus by Avicii
  5. Sweet Lovin’ by Sigala (ft. Bryn Christopher)

Let us know if you dig, what you’re listening to at the moment and if we’re missing out on any other good ones. Have a great Monday…. stay posted for what we have going on this week.

Until then, Jam on! 







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