Pining for Pinterest

Who loves Pinterest just as much as we do?! Sometimes we find ourselves getting lost in all the creative ideas, motivational quotes, and vacation spots we’re dreaming about …… OK back to business … Some of our #FanFavorite boards are Motivational Quotes, Studios we LOVE, Fitness Apparel, Bad @$$ Chicks, and My Polyvore Finds!

Pinterest is a great platform to create a huge mood board for yourself, your company, or your brand.  You can save things for later and then when you have time to try the recipe out, give a DIY a shot, or purchase those #workout pants you’ve been dreaming of you can just hop right back onto Pinterest and cover it all!  Sometimes when the week is busy and we may not get to a post, we make sure to come onto Pinterest and get a little pin happy, so we’re still connecting to our audience and followers.  We also find it relaxing after a long day 🙂

Happy Mother'sDay!.jpg

Above are some pins from our current boards.

Come take a peep at the rest and tell us which one you like best! If you have a suggestion for something you’d like to see or use Pinterest yourself for something fun please share with us in the comments below!  Before you get pinning though, get outside and enjoy this B-E-A-U-Tiful day … you know where we’ll be! See you on the sweaty flip side!



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