Late shout out to all our Mama’s out there, we hope you had a FABULOUS Mother’s Day!!! We hope you all did something for yourselves because you deserve it!

The weekend is officially over and it’s time to welcome in another Monday. Monday is a time to get back into the swing of things, get on that grind, hustle a little harder and kick start a brand new week. Monday mornings tends to be a struggle, but if you’re determined to work hard and have the right mind set, then you know to get your workout in and get it done!

With that being said, just last week, S started attending TFW (Training for Warriors) bootcamp class at NXT GEN Fitness in Port Washington. This is the same building where ROW45 is taught. The first class was a free trial, but she purchased a 10 pack to switch up her daily workouts and try something new. Going on day three, and totally loving it, it is the perfect change in her workout routine. TFW Bootcamp is interval circuit training, it is quick pace, total body, cardio, conditioning and strength training. Everything you need in one hour. Not only is the workout great, but the trainers are too! The environment is super friendly, positive and extremely motivating. Being encouraged to constantly push your own strength and limits is a great thing.


As you know, it is super important to constantly switch up your workouts, especially to see change and definition in your body. You must create that muscle confusion to constantly challenge yourself.

This workout is definitely worth a shot, it is great to mix in with your cardio/weight training and/or  yoga/barre. Groupon is currently running a promotional value for TFW, or just check out there schedule above and give your first class a shot! If you like to workout hard, sweat, burn cals. and push yourself then this is for you! They even have great programs for children too.


Try it and let us know what you think! 🙂

Stay tuned for what we got this week!




2 thoughts on “#Grind

  1. Loved having you join us for bootcamp; were growing so much thanks to awesome people like you! I invite all the barrebees followers to come join S and the rest of our TFW Warriors for a challenging and fun work out!! See you all on the turf!

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