Top Five Fruits

We absolutely LOVE fruits of all kinds. We treat all fruits equally :). However, there a few that have extra health benefits compared to others and that’s where the BarreBees come give you a little background info!

So our top five fruits that we like to munch on, snack on and are great for that grab and go are:

    • You all know the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“… Yup! Apples are not only an easy fruit to just throw in your purse, but they are packed with a ton of rich antioxidants, flavanoids and dietary fiber. Check this link to see the full benefits!


    • Oranges are another great grab and go and come in so many variations. Oranges are loaded with vitamin C and vitamin B1 and vitamin A. They hold potassium, calcium and copper. They are a great snack for when you are feeling sluggish. Check the full benefits here.


    • Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Goji berries, you name it, they are all loaded with antioxidants and have one of the highest health benefits of all the fruit families. They are considered a “super food” and aid in weight loss. They are great in smoothies, in yogurt, in chia or acai bowls or just plain straight! Check out here for the full benefits.


    • Bananas are known as the “happy fruit” they are not only full of a high level potassium but they contain serotonin which can make any sad person into a happy person :)! They are also a great pre and post workout snack as they decrease muscle swelling and soreness. We personally love smoothies with a banana in it as a snack or post workout sesh. Check out all the benefits banana’s have to offer here.


    • Last but not least, pears are another great fruit packed with high levels of fiber. They also contain vitamin C, K, B2, B3 and B6. If you are looking for some extra fiber to your daily intake then this is the fruit for you. They are great for aiding in weight loss as they are a high antioxidant fruit as well. Check here for everything you need to read on about pears.


So there you have it, our TOP 5 for Tuesday. We hope you picked up some additional information here that you did not yet know of. As you can see, fruits are an important part of your daily diet as they contain so many nutrients for a healthy balanced body. Go hit up your local market NOW and buy some of these fruits to add to your kitchen island! Stay tuned for what else we have coming up this week!












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