Happy Cinco De Mayo Ya’lllll

Hola! Fiesta time!!


One of our all time fav grubs is Mexican…and a side of that tequila please! 🙂

Who says you can’t celebrate Cinco the healthy way?! Well, you’re wrong… you certainly can! So get your Cha-Cha going, have your senorita or senor by your side and eat some delish guac with that fruit margarita on the side. Here is how to do it up the BarreBee way!

First off, Guac is a an absolute must! Whether you’re grabbing dinner or just a little app and drink, this can be ordered with a side of fresh cut veggie sticks rather than salty, greasy, carb loaded tortillas! This gives it a fresh twist and clean taste for those avocado luvah’s like ourselves. (Yum!)


Secondly, if you’re ordering dinner or a plate of tacos to share, you can still enjoy the savory Mexican spices and flavors without that damn taco shell! This is where lettuce wraps come to the rescue. They taste just as good and are wayyy less fattening….so order up!


Lastly, DRINKS (but they should really come first, right?!) Ok, so we all love a great marg, but how many times do we order and we just taste all that added sugar and artificial flavoring? Fresh muddled fruit margs and mojitos are the way to go without the sugar or salt coated rim…or like D, if you’re feeling extra fancy you can just order Patron silver, soda and some lime and voila! Drinks done right!


We hope this little guide helped make your planning a bit easier so you can go out and enjoy this festive holiday! Stay tuned….Cheers!





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