Put On Your Positive Pants

A new month is here and that means it’s a new, fresh start for YOU!


Whether you’ve been hitting your goals each week, catching up, or need to really get to it, a new month is the perfect time to hit that reset button and focus on the future. Are you going to try a new workout?  Cook some new recipes? Or maybe set out on a new adventure? Whatever it is make sure you give it 110% because we truly believe ANYTHING that you put your mind to you can get there :)) (We believe in you!)  To get started on our month, we’ve filled out our agenda to plan ahead for each week and today we have to meal prep and hit the gym HARD (#MDW is in 28 days EEK!).  May is going to be another busy month for us and we have some exciting things in the works 🙂 stay tuned for what’s to come and check back this week for yummy recipes and boss a$$ workouts!

Comment below with what’s your May goal and how you’re preparing for the month and hopefully we’ll see you in class 🙂




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