We’re Backkkkkk

So, as you know, we took a little vacay off to the beautiful Costa Rica for a few days. Of course we did a ton of R&R but we also made some time to get some mini workouts in…before the sun got too strong! We definitely ate clean and fresh foods throughout the day to help with that beach/pool side bloat!

Here are some things we did:

On our second day, we decided to do a jog around the community #struggle (crazy humidity). We then finished it off with a ladder circuit on the lawn. We did weighted lunges, push ups, a core movement and jump squats starting from 10, working down to 1.  Then we ended with a quick 3 minutes circuit round and a run around the block.  By the end, we were drenched and burned about 500+ calories!! Wooo (awesome way to start a day, right?!!).

Day three, we decided to go for a hike, in hopes we would see monkeys along the way, but unfortunately due to their season changing, they were all in hiding :(. The hike was great, it was about 3 miles, and then we continued to walk an extra 2 miles back to the house buying every water bottle we could possibly fit into our book bags! It was a long morning, sunny and hot, but well worth the 1,000 calories and amount of walking done! We definitely deserved that pool side mimosa(S) afterwards .

When we got back to the mother country on Monday, we didn’t skip a beat.  We took Jenny’s platform class and that was the perfect jump start to our sweaty, teaching, get back into action work week ahead!

Check out some of our favorites pictures below and stay tuned for next week’s posts… until then….





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