Bikini..check! …Sunscreen..check!..Snacks…check!

You guessed it! VACAY!!! BarreBees are hitting up Costa Rica’s sun, sand and fun! We have been working hard for this trip and are so excited to get some well deserved R&R in :).

We will be out of town for a few days (posts will be delayed until we get back) but we promise to return with some great stories and pics for you guys!!

So, some may wonder what are some vacay essentials for a BarreBee? We got it all right here!

First off, BIKINI’S! (Obv). Some other essentials are flops, tanks, shorts, a hat, and simple casual pieces to chill in.

Now, other than clothing, SUNSCREEN is a big beach savor! If you are traveling anywhere close to the equator, you HAVE to protect your skin (must, must must!!)  SPF lip balm is crucial as well as your lips are so sensitive to high UV rays. And after sun care (aloe) is super important as well!

Secondly, SNACKS! It is always safe to travel with some light snacks wherever you go incase you need a little “home” pick me up. Sometimes going away your body can react differently to a totally different food routine. We think bars, nuts, and individual protein packets are a great grab and go for the road.

Thirdly, grabbing a good book, a mag and listening to some great tunes while laying out on the beach or pool are always a great way to relax a little deeper.


Okay, so we just wanted to leave you with a little list of what we may travel with. Continue to work hard, motivate yourself, challenge your body daily, and hustle even harder than yesterday.

Stay tuned for when we  get back… Please feel free to write some comments or questions to us while we are away and we will get back to you as soon as we return!






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