Get Your Read On


Oh, Sunday Night ….. ūüė¶

We hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful weekend and amazing sunny weather! It was a great time to spend outdoors doing activities, walks, or even catching some of those rays!

We would like to end this weekend off with some appreciation for those who appreciate us! It’s always nice to receive positive feedback and great compliments from clients, but what is super nice is when in return, you receive a thoughtful and educational¬†gift (a book!)

S was given a book by a client she is currently working with at the moment, called FATflammation by TOP nutritionist Dr. Lori Schemek. This book holds key information on health, inflammation, supplements, clean foods for the body and other goodies of knowledge!


Going thru the FATflammation book, it just all makes sense. You can tell the passion Lori has for her diet, her clients and for inspiring others to get on a healthy track. She explains everything you need to know, has recipes of her own, daily diets planned on what to eat, what to buy while at the market, working out, etc….

We could go on and on about the secrets to a clean and healthy diet, but why spoil it?!!¬†This book is highly recommended¬†and we think it is a great quick and interesting read/purchase for those looking to kick their diet up a notch…so order it now!!

P.S.— Summer is right around the corner……bikini.png


BB ‚̧



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