Work Hard, Play Hard

This is our motto all day, everyday, but it’s now more than ever because in NINE days we’re off to Costa Rica! (WOOOHOOOOO)

 We’re sorry if we’ve been slacking with our updates, but life has been crazy lately with classes, events, preparing, prepping and everything in between.  Today we’re reminding you that even though sometimes your day may get out of hand it’s always important to take a step back, a deep breathe, and remember you can go through ANYTHING.  Check out our tips below to calm the mind and remember to reward yourself this week after all your hard work 🙂 (YOU DESERVE IT)


1) Wake up and read a motivational quote

2) Take a few deep breaths before you start your day

3) Plan for the week ahead! Find a cute agenda (Like the one above from Marshalls) and write out your tasks for the week (ex: grocery shopping, classes to take, workouts, homework, lunch dates etc.)

4) Think of a reward for the end of the week and work hard to achieve it! (splurge on something you’ve been wanting, treat yourself to a massage, plan a trip, have some ice cream and don’t feel bad about it :))

5) Start off your Monday STRONG! Get in a workout, whip up some egg whites and salad, and refresh for the days coming up!

So now what are you waiting for?! Time to #KILLIT today! #MONSLAY





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