Tone It Up At Work

Okay, so this weather is lame, but you know Spring is going to just roll thru over night. Soon, our oversized tops, loose sweaters and pants will be put to storage and our tanks, shorts and crop tops will be full blown (a.k.a. GET IT TOGETHER GIRLS!!)

Basically, what we’re saying is no more excuses!! This post is for all the ladies who work a 9-5 desk job. Strap on that FitBit, Apple Watch, FuelBand, or whatever…it’s time to tone it up while at work (Deskercise) 🙂 How? Why? When? What?


This is why we are here… to give some tips and tell you what’s up!

First of all, no more elevators or escalators…you’re new BFF is the stairs, get used to them, for EVERYTHING. You can hop, jump, lunge, squat, do whatever it is you need to do to torch some extra cals. on these bad boys.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.48.33 AM.png

Do you have your own private office or cubicle? We say invest in a stability ball chair and get movin’ on it! Or, if you want to settle for a regular desk chair, how about doing some tricep dips or squat sits on the edge. Ever think of leg extensions under your desk? Its like doing barre movements without and actual barre. Ta-Da!

Are you frequently stopping at the rest room just for a breather? Guess what, squat, squat, squat…do jumping jacks or something! No one’s looking..and if they are, who cares?!! It’s your body that has to look hot in that bikini.

When it’s time for your breakfast, lunch or coffee break in the cafe, do some lunges while your oats are warming up, a squat wall sit, or push ups off the counter while your K-Cup is fueling.

We can literally go on and on with this list, but do you get the idea?! Get creative, try to make your day go by a little quicker, take a break from those spreadsheets and burn some cals!! more excuses, capeesh?!

So let us know what little tricks you got away with at your desk, or didn’t (oops), if you thought of any on your own and how many calories you burned on the clock!

Almost Happy Fri-Yay!





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