Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat

Hello loves! This week is already starting out to be a crazy one and boy is it nice to take some time to just reset, write, and get our minds back on track.  Each week we like to set a goal for ourselves to try something new, find a new recipe, train a little different and just constantly surprise our bodies day after day!  It’s important to change up your workout and confuse your muscles, so they are like what the heck are we doing right now?!!

Lately we’ve been finding between teaching barre, row, spin, taking other classes, and strength/weight training at the gym our bodies have been developing faster and we’ve been seeing the results we’ve hoped for 🙂 (BIG SMILE).  Don’t be afraid to try a new class this week or really get down and dirty at the gym.  Join the boys at the squat rack and free weights (MOVE OVER SUCKAS), check out our teaching schedule this week or even get in touch with us if you need a workout buddy!  Fitness is all about supporting, motivating, and lifting each other up to get to the next level of ourselves.


With this in mind, look forward to your workouts this week, plan your meals a little earlier than usual, download some fresh new beats and be proud of your hard work.  Remember to take care of your body because it’s the only one you have!




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