It’s All About Timing

Happy Sunday Savings…do you really miss that one hour of extra sleep you could have had? Or are you up and ready to get an extra hour in of working out today!?

So, another long week has past, but it was definitely an exciting and successful week for us BarreBee’s. Everything is finally falling into place. Timing really is everything, and in life, everything happens for a reason.

As mentioned mid week, we both became a part of the growing ROW45 team (YAY!). We both had felt as if something else was missing from our instructor lives and while given this opportunity realized this may have been it! It is just something so completely different, yet you make it your own.

We wanted to seal this weekend off with some Sunday Soul for you. We all have gone through tough times of not realizing who/what you want to be, how you will get there, will the money be worth it, will you be accepted, when it will happen, etc… We know, because we were on this boat not too long ago. We realized that with time, patience, dedication and strength you are so capable of creating your dreams. If you set a goal, surround yourself with motivating  and supportive people and just follow your path, you will eventually get there…. trust us!.


So with that being said.. never give up, stay strong, surround yourself with good vibes, and most importantly, believe in yourself no matter what your path is!

We hope to see you on a Rower, in the Port Washington location this week!!! You can find our schedule here.

Enjoy your Sunday, get sweaty, chill out, relax and enjoy your day!




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