Fridays Favs

HASHTAG TGIF!  We thought we would never make it, but yay we’re here!  This week was a busy one for us between interviews, classes, and some new BarreBees accomplishments, but that’s just the way we like it!

Before the weekend begins we wanted to share some of our favorite nutrition and protein bars that we like to chow down on while running around like mad women from one thing to the next!  We like to find bars that have high protein, low sodium, low sugars, and most importantly are DELICIOUS!  Check out some of our favorites below and if you have one you think we should try please share in the comments below!

1) RX Bar


2) Larabar


3) Perfect Bar


4) Health Warrior Chia Bar


5) thinkThin bar


Get shopping, toss one of these bars in your bag and give them a try!  Remember to tell us which one is your new favorite and until then have a great weekend fitness friends! 🙂




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