Things Are Heating Up

Happy Almost Friday fans! Are you loving this warmth? We certainly are 🙂 So..question..Would you consider yourself more of an indoor or outdoor fitness fanatic? Maybe both? Can’t decide?

Everyone has their own particular styles as to what they prefer. Some people love the treadmill, as other prefer the road, some prefer spin bikes, as others prefer road bikes/mountain bikes. Sometimes you have to get creative, think outside the box and try different activities, especially if you have hit an annoying plateau! (which we all have experienced NO FUN!).  This is why it’s good to switch things up from time to time whether you have interest in something or not. This causes muscle confusion for your body and can set a trigger to cause change. With that said, we BarreBees love both indoor and outdoor activities and are always up for the challenge!


We put together a list of great outdoor activities to enjoy on a nice day. Check out the benefits they provide for your health, body and all around well being.

After all, exercise can be therapeutic…and for free! (unless you’re a class junkie…) 🙂

Running/Jogging Benefits

Walking Benefits

Biking Benefits

Swimming Benefits

Surfing Benefits

Kayaking Benefits

Paddle boarding Benefits

Roller Blading Benefits

Beach Volleyball Benefits

Let us know which is your fav, what you have yet to try, what you think you may want to try this coming Spring/Summer season….or if we missed out on anything!

Remember to always put your health FIRST! On that note, stay tuned for tomorrows post where we talk about some of our favorite nutrition/protein bars. YUM!

Until then, slip on some Nikes, go for a jog, enjoy some vitamin D and hydrate!


BB ❤


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