Fan Friday: Training with T

One of our favorite aspects of being an instructor and working in the fitness industry is meeting new people and motivating one another to be stronger, sexier, and reach our best self!  One of our clients, Tatiana Lampa, embodies this and today our shout out is to her and her blog Training with T!  Tatiana has a B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, is a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, spin certified and a fitness blogger… SHEESH this girl does it all!  Tatiana has become our clients, turned friend, turned fitness class buddy and we LOVE it!  She gives her all in everything she does and continues to excel week after week.  We’re excited to see where her fitness journey takes her!  Get in touch with Tatiana for a personal training session at,, and check out her Instagram, @training_with_t for more awesome photos!

Riding at SoulCycle, PureBarre Platform, Fun at Pure Barre Manhasset, Sweating at SLT, and Tatiana’s own photos from @mfcxl and @truthandlovephotography




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