What to Eat Wednesday: Chia Pudding

Happy Wednesday! Ever find yourself looking for a healthy breakfast, snack, dessert…or maybe all of the above?! Look no further as we share this quick and easy recipe for Chia Seed Pudding. Before we do so, let us remind you that chia seeds are LOADED with nutrients, hold a ton of health benefits and are one of the most healthiest foods on earth. Have we sold you yet? Exactly.

So now the easy part, your pudding can be made in bulk at the beginning of the week to last you several days, unless of course you make it so tasty that your buds cant resist! Oops! 🙂

Your basic three ingredients are your liquid (we like almond or coconut milk), your chia seeds and maple syrup (we find this optional). Refrigeration is part of the chia growth process.. this is where all the magic happens.  As long as you use these ingredients for your base, you can pretty much add in whatever else you like.

Some ideas for the mixed ingredients are cinnamon, coconut flakes, nuts, etc… Almond butter and berries make a great topping for when you are ready to indulge!


Find the recipe here at  Oh She Glows:: Chia Pudding

So what are you waiting for?!! Go grab a mason jar, fill it with some chia and let us know what toppings you enjoyed best!




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