What to Eat Wednesday: No Bake Paleo Bars

Happy Hump Day fitness foodies! What to Eat Wednesday is here and we are excited to share our recipe for home made NO bake paleo bars. Did your mouths just drop on the fact that ovens are not needed and no baking is required?! Hallelujah people!!

Food comes as an excitement to us, trying different markets and products are part of our journey and what we love. Now it’s our turn to show our readers, what we love and how they can learn to love them too!

These bars are seriously easy peasy and literally three ingredients (unless you are a kitchen sink kinda gal/guy) We can be too….shhh don’t tell:)

So think of this recipe as your base and obviously you can add whatever your little taste buds desire. We did this with mixed nuts, dates, shredded coconut, a few dark chocolate chips, blend them all together, flatter them out, refrigerate, and voila!

Check out Paleo No Bake Bars

Let us know what you think, how easy they were and what ingredients you added! Enjoy!!




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