A Tribe Called Sweat

Hola! So it’s that time of week again where the BarreBee’s hop on the train and go on a fitness adventure! By now you get the idea of how we roll and realize when we say we love taking classes, we really LOVE taking classes. In celebration of  S’s birthday we decided to start off our day with some sweaty heart pumping SOUL down in NoHo. The instructor, Karyn, was awesome!! Forty five minutes of just you, your bike and some great beats is the best therapy a girl could use (and healthy too)!!


Next, as we had promised in last week’s post, we finally got over to Y7 in Flatiron for this week’s new city workout sesh.  It was sixty minutes in an 80 degree darkened room, brightened only by candle light flowing to Kanye West’s new album “The Life Of Pablo”.  Talk about a vinyasa flow experience.  Y7 is not your typical yoga practice and you either love it or you hate it and you guessed it….we LOVED it!! Who wouldn’t want to get lost and flow to some hip hop beats?! What makes Y7 different is that you’re first given direction where you flow together as a tribe. Once you get the swing of the routine, you are then given the opportunity to flow on your own for a series of three cycles.  After that the class meets back in child’s pose and begins the next flow as one.

This day was one of our favorite fitness adventures.  It was the perfect way to celebrate a BarreBee’s birthday and embrace another wonderful year to look forward to.  Next up on our fitness list is Tone House .. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN stay tuned, but until then …




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