Sunday Soul

Hello Sunday, why must you leave us so soon?! Will we ever have a day added between now and Monday?…I doubt it :(.

Sundays are typically the day where we reset, we set a purpose, a goal, and prepare for our busy week ahead. Sundays are an important day for a BarreBee. With that being said, not only are our organizational skills on point, but this is the day where we plan, organize and neatly lay out our week in our planners. Things we plan ahead for are: our scheduled classes to teach, workouts to do/take, meal preps and weekly meetings. However, it is also a day of rest, taking care of any last minute things you were unable to get to and giving yourself some praise for completing another work week! Amen!

It just so happens this Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a relationship or not, make sure you set some “Me” time aside from your day. After all, self love is the best, most important and the rarest love to find. On that note, during a late afternoon yoga session today, a quote was stated at the end of savasana that just stuck…”Plant your own seeds, grow your own garden and don’t wait around for anyone to buy you flowers”. Being a single gal, it immediately inspired us to continue to grow and pursue everything that we truly love. It made us feel strong and empowered knowing that at the end of the day you really are your own happiness…embrace it!

So let’s all grow our own gardens, follow our own paths, make our own decisions and do what we all love. Maybe you decide to hang on to that quote, put it in your pocket and reach for it whenever you are feeling lost. Let it guide you and help you start off your week strong with a new positive outlook!

Alright Sunday, it’s been real, it’s time to say goodbye, peace out, sayonara!! Let’s seal off this weekend with a Valentine’s kiss and welcome in some Monday motivation! Stay tuned to see what we have in store for you this week! 🙂



BB ❤




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