This weekend, BB went to Pure Barre Union Square for some fun, fitness and food! A few of our clients, Stacy, Cat, Cindy and Tatiana, came in with us to try Pure Barre Platform…wowza!! What an experience! We have tried it once before and loved it even MORE the second time around! If you’re looking for a good sweat Platform is for you! It’s similar to a regular Pure Barre class, combined with step and dance techniques, giving you a more aerobic, heart pumping, sweat dripping effect.  PB Platform is a one-stop-shop for your cardio, toning, strength and mind body connection.

Featured above: Cardio kicks in class, the crew (Tatiana, Cindy, Stacy, Steph, Cat & Dianna), and Steph, Stacy and Tatiana in front of PB Union Square’s studio mural.

After we burned some major cals., hit up the retail, and of course had a photo shoot extravaganza, we popped into Hu Kitchen located right next door for some post workout treats! Hu Kitchen is a great organic, paleo, vegan and GF cafe with an innovative menu to please any foodies’ palate. The smoothie of choice for most of us was the Almond Banana….sounds delicious right?! The ingredients were simple and clean….banana, home made almond butter and homemade almond milk. Can’t get healthier than that! Hu is super clean, made in-home and environmental friendly, which explains their motto of “Get back to Human”.

Featured above: Outside Hu Kitchen, & their selection of in-house made juices and smoothies!

Check out Pure Barre Union Square’s schedule here

Check out Hu Kitchen here

Stay Tuned for our next sweaty adventure, but until then… make a protein shake!!


BB ❤


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