Meet the BarreBees

Hi there!

Thank you for deciding to take a trip through our fitness journey with us! Fitness is a major passion of ours and a healthy lifestyle is what we live by.  We started this blog to share our experiences, stories, and personal favorites within the fashion, fitness, and foodie industries!  Read our stories and see how we became the BarreBees! Feel free to share your fitness story with us too!


Growing up I was the girl who always struggled with weight, who would hide in the gym locker rooms during class and never had an any interest in fitness or sports.  All of this had changed once i hit my early twenties. After several attempts and fails of trying gym after gym, I finally realized that I needed to try harder, stick with my plan and change my lifestyle in full. I joined a gym, started to loose weight and inches, began eating healthier and started to feel happier about my appearance! As the years continued, and losing a total of 70 lbs., my love and passion for healthy foods and working out grew bigger and better! This is what lead me to the lifestyle I live, love and breathe at this very moment. Growing up, I always had a love for food, especially baking…since age two! On this journey of mine, I was so excited to create my own concoctions of yummy things to eat. Food became an art for me. It was exciting for me to have a great workout and follow it with some healthy home made foods. My fitness journey really set in once Pure Barre Manhasset had opened their studio doors January 2014. I started day one as a client, months later becoming their first 100 club member and then officially an instructor! I immediately grew a love for barre’s effective workouts and am so honored to be part of the team there. After that, i also became certified in Mad Dogg Spin, AAAI Pilates Mat 1 and AAAI Personal Training. I hope to add more accomplishments on my roster in the near future and am looking forward to sharing all my fun, fitness and foodie experiences with you!!


Growing up I was always into fitness and sports throughout my college years.  I played field hockey, softball, swam, danced, you name it I did it.  In college I was the daily gym visitor, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I hoped for.  After I graduated, and had more time to focus on fitness, I started to see my family’s trainer at XCeleration Sports Training in Deer Park.  He would give me different workouts to do each week and each month I would go back to get new programs and track my progress.  I was seeing my body change faster than I ever saw before and I was learning the strength and power I never knew I had.  At this time I was working in NYC as a Senior Social Media Manager, but I always felt that something was missing in my career.  As time went on, I always looked forward to my next workout, downloading new songs to sweat to, discovering classes to take and the most yummy paleo foods to bake.  One day it clicked that I needed to make this my permanent lifestyle and follow my dreams.  I came across Pure Barre Manhasset’s job post for a barre tender and the rest is history! Now I am an instructor at Pure Barre, Key Holder at SoulCycle, Mad Dogg Spin Certified and taking everything one day at a time to see what I can accomplish next.  Your body is the only one you have and I believe it’s important to find a balance in your life that works for you.  I hope to motivate you to find YOUR path and reach the happiness that we all deserve!


BB ❤


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