Monday Motivation

Mornin’ friends! Happy Monday, hope your weekend was awesome!! So…because it’s a brand spankin’ new week, obviously we need some motivation in our lives. Mondays are all about getting your  sh*t back together, promising you will eat extra clean and work out so much harder.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but let’s all promise … More Monday Motivation

Sunday Soul

Hello Sunshine!We made it thru another week, and what a better way to close this week with some beautiful sun and weather?! Whoo! Did you get to do everything this week that you wanted to accomplish? Anything you wish you could have done better or worked harder at? Guess what…tomorrow starts a new week. The … More Sunday Soul


Mornin’ readers…we made it to the freakin’ weekend, woo! Any sweaty or yummy food plans on your agenda?! (Obviously, let us know) 🙂 Do you have a gym buddy you like to workout with?… Well, we were already up and at em’ this morning getting our sweat on before the clock hit twelve! This is what our … More Fri-YAY

Looking Good

When you’re working out you want to be lookin’ good and feelin’ good.  Two researches, Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky have actually coined the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the mental changes that we undergo when we wear certain clothing.  When you wear athletic clothing you’re more likely to become active and workout, so why … More Looking Good

Sunday Soul

Hello Sunday, why must you leave us so soon?! Will we ever have a day added between now and Monday?…I doubt it :(. Sundays are typically the day where we reset, we set a purpose, a goal, and prepare for our busy week ahead. Sundays are an important day for a BarreBee. With that being said, not only … More Sunday Soul