Double Tap

How many followers do you have? Did they like my pic? What filter is that? Instagram is the everyday craze and sometimes we can’t help but get lost in it ourselves.  Just like Pinterest, Instagram is another platform for us to connect to our audience and show everyone what we like, but on a smaller … More Double Tap

Musical Mondays

We love music! We live, breathe and surround ourselves in it. Music is everything. It has such an impact on our lives, our jobs, and everything surrounding us. Every song has a meaning or a memory of a place and time behind it. Music is also meant for a kick a$$ workout. So in better … More Musical Mondays

Jason or Freddy?

Happy Friday the 13th!! Are you a horror flick lover? Are you going to stay in and watch Jason vs. Freddy tonight with some healthy a$$ takeout and treats? Sounds good…. Well, if you are planning on staying in on this rainy day, at least try to get a workout in! We will keep this short … More Jason or Freddy?

Pining for Pinterest

Who loves Pinterest just as much as we do?! Sometimes we find ourselves getting lost in all the creative ideas, motivational quotes, and vacation spots we’re dreaming about …… OK back to business … Some of our #FanFavorite boards are Motivational Quotes, Studios we LOVE, Fitness Apparel, Bad @$$ Chicks, and My Polyvore Finds! Pinterest is … More Pining for Pinterest


Late shout out to all our Mama’s out there, we hope you had a FABULOUS Mother’s Day!!! We hope you all did something for yourselves because you deserve it! The weekend is officially over and it’s time to welcome in another Monday. Monday is a time to get back into the swing of things, get … More #Grind

Top Five Fruits

We absolutely LOVE fruits of all kinds. We treat all fruits equally :). However, there a few that have extra health benefits compared to others and that’s where the BarreBees come give you a little background info! So our top five fruits that we like to munch on, snack on and are great for that … More Top Five Fruits

We’re Backkkkkk

So, as you know, we took a little vacay off to the beautiful Costa Rica for a few days. Of course we did a ton of R&R but we also made some time to get some mini workouts in…before the sun got too strong! We definitely ate clean and fresh foods throughout the day to help … More We’re Backkkkkk